Teaching Philosophy

It is important to understand that there is no one perfect model for the golf swing.  A swing that is repeatable and can be relied on under pressure is perfect.  That swing will be different for each player.  As the coach, it is important that the student and I discuss a plan of what we would ultimately like to accomplish with their ball flight, whether that be a fade, draw, etc.  Having said that, I do coach within a set of corridors, or ranges that I would like to see all players stay within for the full swing.  These corridors allow for massive individualism but also set a baseline of boundaries that we do not want to stray outside of.


"Feel isn't real" - I am sure most of you have heard this saying.  What you feel as though you are doing in your golf swing may not actually be what is happening.  I am a huge proponent of high speed video, not only for myself to dive deeper into possible issues, but for the student to see their faults and then see the corrections as they unfold. 


When a student leaves a lesson with me, I want them to have a greater understanding of what causes their unwanted shots, and how to go about correcting them.  If we can achieve this, the learning process will essentially be fast forwarded.


3 important questions that must be addressed during the lesson:

What are you doing now?

What do you want to be doing instead?

How are we going to get you there?